Looking for a diverse iron worker to help you tackle big jobs?

Why buy a uni-hydro ironworker?

The Dvorak family has been producing hydraulic ironworkers for over 50 years. Jim Dvorak holds 30 international and 6 stateside patents on ironworkers.. Each Uni-Hydro ironworker manufactured with an X (from 1985) has the ability to accept all tooling with the assurance to fit without alterations. Their rigorous manufacturing process ensures the primary plates are 100% accurate. Each machine has almost 70% more load bearing pin surface than a competitor’s machine. This creates a more efficient working cycle in the entire machines working process. Coupled with this is their world-famous mechanical linkage system that ensures each guillotine cut on the bar shear is as accurate as possible. punches and dies are purchased in pairs of the exact same size, not mismatched like the rest of the industry. Each punch and die is coated with oil to prevent oxidation and reduce slag build up

Uni-Hydro specializes in producing the finest ironworkers in the industry. 

Different Models:

  • Turrets - A 40 and now a 56 ton six shooter. When others are reloading, you are completing the job. Six punch barrels for six independent punches produces quick turn around.
  • Models - These are our standard models - the longest lasting, most durable ironworkers built.
  • Iron Eagle Series - A 30 and 55 ton produced to be stronger than any other similar tonnage industry model. Uni-Hydro gives you that extra umph right when its needed.
  • Pro Series - True four (4) station ironworkers designed to be ergonomically accessible for every task. No reaching too high or bending too low for some ill-designed machine. Step up to one of our Pro Series ironworkers to shear, punch and notch seamlessly.
  • Dual Operator - While one operator punches another can be shearing at the same time. These machines also come with the ability to use a deep 24 inch throat for those really thick plates.

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