Yaskawa – Motoman

Founded in 1989, Yaskawa Motoman is a leading industrial robotics company in the Americas. With more than 360,000 Motoman industrial robots, 10 million servos and 18 million inverter drives installed globally, Yaskawa provides automation products and solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application; including arc welding, assembly, coating, dispensing, material handling, material cutting, material removal, packaging, palletizing and spot welding.

Our product line includes more than 150 distinct industrial arm, delta and SCARA robot models, plus a full-line of pre-engineered "World" solutions that are complete application-specific robotic systems that include robot, process and safety equipment.

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  • Increased Workspace Density
  • Up to 255 weld programs are supported for each timer
  • Minimizes electrode wear resulting in increased uptime
  • Improves quality by providing consistent clamping force
  • Eliminates “squeeze time” wait for an air-gun to close resulting in reduced cycle time
  • Servo-controlled guns are more energy efficient than pneumatic guns driven with compressed air, resulting in real cost savings