Voortman Steel Group

Voortman has designed, developed and manufactured machinery for steel fabrication and plate processing related industries for more than 45 years. With international subsidiaries responsible for sales and service, we are a globally recognized supplier with thousands of Voortman systems installed. We continually develop our equipment range to enable us to keep at the forefront of technology and in step with any new developments in the market.

Application Videos

Machine Solutions

  • Available with VACAM Software
  • More than 45 years of experience in steel fabrication and plate processing
  • High Speed Carbide Drilling
  • Centerpoint Marking
  • Thread Tapping
  • Hydraulic Blade Tensioning
  • Servo Controlled Spindle Motion
  • Length Stop, Roller Feed, or Feeder Truck Length Measuring
  • Marking by Milling
  • Marking Possible from Four Sides
  • Marking Visible After Blasting
  • Plasma marking and cutting
  • Eight Axis Industrial Robot (4 sides)
  • Cut Every 3D Shape Possible
  • PLC Control
  • Two Adjustable Reaction Points
  • Hydraulic Cylinder with Pusher

Technical Downloads

Application Video

Surface Treatment Solutions

  • Elevator with Separator
  • Heavy Duty, Adjustable Turbines
  • Brush and Blow-Off Unit
  • Airless Spray Guns
  • Material Detection
  • Drying Tunnel
  • Optional Pre-Heater