Is your company looking for a versatile machine for cutting? Look no further than  Techni Waterjet.

See how Techni Waterjet helped Aaron Chambers with Aztech Cutting Solutions grow his companies cutting capabilities.

Meyer Enterprises USA

The Intec-G2 and QUANTUM NXT™ has reduced costs and given us a new ability to solve challenges in manufacturing. It has also given us quicker response to time sensitive projects.

The Techni Waterjet is an incredible machine with capabilities of cutting through some of the toughest material with precision and speed. 

The Quantum NXT Pump

- Uses 60% less power than standard pumps

- Takes up 50% less room than standard pumps

- Quietest pump on the market

- Easy to maintain for reduced down time

- Uses significantly less water than hydraulic pumps

- Up to 60,000 PSI operating pressure

- Continuous operation for loading garnet, no depressurizing 

Techni Beds


  • Cut up to 8" of any material except tempered glass
  • Ability to cut 60 degrees with a rotating head
  • Multiple cutting head option to speed up cutting jobs
  • All components made in house in the USA
  • Underwater cutting to reduce operating messes
  • Different accessories for many different applications
  • Custom machines for even the most unique applications
  • Long lasting, easy to use machine, requiring less maintenance 
  • Breakaway head with smart location technology
  • Stainless steel band drive designed to withstand abrasives

Accessories Include:

- Multiple cutting heads

- Dual Pump for running two machines

- Easy load lifter (Glass)

- Garnet removal system

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