Is your company failing to make customer deliveries on-time and struggling to achieve monthly sales goals?  The solution might be simpler than you think.

See how Kevin Tully of Hot Rod Chasis decreased his welding time by 3-4 hours per project without increasing labor or overhead costs using this industry SECRET...

Kevin Tully, who runs Hot Rod Chasis and Cycle in Addison Ill., purchased a BuildPro system to help tackle his large automotive welding projects. Tully was able to turn a 4-6 hour fixture setup in to a 1-2 hour setup. This product allowed him to greatly improve accuracy and productivity for his shop. 

The BuildPro Rhino Cart can help you increase welder productivity by offering a fast and easy way to create accurate and repeatable set-up. This product is easily relocated to any location, saving your welders time.
We all know that time is money!


  • Reversable 5/8" steel tabletop with a heavy duty, black nitride finish
  • Shelves, peg board, and racks for optimizing tool organization
  • 425 lb assembled weight 
  • Large compartment designed to house welders/equipment
  • Industrial strength caster and adjustable legs for enhanced mobility and stability
  • 48" x 30" fixturing surface capable of holding up to 1500lbs
  • 66 pc. fixture kit that includes all of the necessary parts 

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