ODIZ Safety LLC strives to provide “Safety Through Innovation!” ODIZ safety products and custom machines are proudly engineered and made in the USA. By not outsourcing our products, we are able to sustain the quality while helping to secure the future of American manufacturing. Joseph Gasparino is a Lean Six Sigma practitioner and inventor that brings “Safety Through Innovation” to life. He has synthesized an innovative process that combines safety, Lean Six Sigma, and engineering to solve the “unsolvable” safety issues. He is focused on eliminating industrial safety problems with electro-mechanical automation, while generating productivity gains and costs avoidance for American businesses.

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  • Sensors ensure safe working conditions
  • Can be used with new, used, or your own bench grinder
  • Eye shields
  • Can be used with new, used, or your own belt or bench grinder
  • Wet scrubber systems and dry systems available

  • Tongue and work rest sensors ensure failure-free monitoring of guard gaps
  • Guard adjustment tool
  • Patented dust collection booth
  • Sensors ensure safe working conditions
  • Failure-free monitoring of work gaps
  • Wet scrubber system meets explosion/fire proof requirements

Technical Downloads

No Go™ Bench Grinder with Wet Collection Booth