As the proud stewards of three legendary brands, MegaFab is serious about one thing: making your shop run better. Our comprehensive line of fabricating equipment helps you deliver the highest quality and the greatest profits–including WHITNEY fiber lasers, punch-plasma combination machines and plasma cutting machines; BERTSCH four roll, heavy-duty hydraulic bending rolls; and PIRANHA iron workers, press brakes and plasma tables.

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Mike CopelandPresident – Copelands, Inc.Ooltewah, TN
Jano TuchynaDirector – SonnexAdelaide, South Australia

Metal Working Solutions


  • Whitney Lasers are high-performance
  • Extremely precise and dynamic machine tools
  • Available in sizes from 5’ x 10’ to 10’ x 20’


  • Integrated Hydraulic Bed Crowning.
  • World class components such as Delem Controls, Hoerbiger Hydraulics and Panasonic/Delta Drives and Motors.
  • Side and rear safety gates as well as state of the art laser curtains from Fiessler.
  • Wide range of capacities from 35 to over 3000 tons and widths over 40’. Double and Triple Tandem machines are available.
  • Piranha Ironworker’s unique and versatile features such as urethane stripping
  • Automatic shear hold-downs
  • Quick change tooling
  • Low blade rake angles
  • Combination machines use the fastest technologies to make parts
  • Punching and plasma cutting
  • Additional features such as forming, drilling, tapping, milling, marking, and bevel cutting can be added to eliminate additional downstream operations, allowing parts to be completed in a single operation.
  • Bertsch Bending Rolls utilize industry leading hydraulics and electrics in both Three-Roll Initial Pinch and Four Roll Double Pinch robust designs
  • Two cylinder guillotine metal plate shears available in base and premium models including CNC control and Go-to back gauge designs
  • Adjustable blade gap, brake angle, and stroke length are features available in 1/4″ to 1″ shearing capacity in models up from 8′ to 26′ in width
  • Whitney Precision Plasma cutting tables provide maximum accuracy using precision fabricated and machine structural components
  • Designed and optimized for high definition plasma cutting with machine tool accuracy, Whitney Plasma tables provide unsurpassed performance and reliability
  • Whitney Portable Hydraulic Presses are high quality machine tools, backed by decades of in-house experienced and professional customer service and application
  • Punching is one of the least expensive ways of making holes in structural shapes. Whitney portable presses reduce “hole” costs because punching takes only a small fraction of the time required for drilling or burning holes and eliminates clean-up operations