Magswitch Technology is a technology company headquartered near Denver, Colorado. Magswitch Technology has designed and developed a new technology in switchable magnetics. This new technology has allowed us to introduce products into the market that are literally “Changing the way things are done”. In the beginning, technology drove the company’s corporate strategies, with a business model focused on protection of its “simple but elegant” magnetic technology.

Today, with numerous patents and patents pending in all industrialized markets across the globe, Magswitch has evolved into an integrated business. In addition to research and development, Magswitch now delivers product design and engineering, manufacturing, and product distribution globally. Magswitch is committed to a business model that identifies key industry partners, allowing the small corporation to leverage its technology and products through recognized global distribution, sales, and marketing channels.

Welding & Fabrication

  • Large sheet leveling in seconds.
  • True sheet de-stack without any sticking.
  • Lightweight magnets that reliably and safely hold heavy loads.
  • Holding power that doesn’t rely on electricity to stay activated.
  • Cordless heavy lifting for hard-to-reach steel.