Is your company failing to make customer deliveries on-time and struggling to compete on a global level?

See how a compact flat bed laser system can Make you competitive!

The IPG LaserCube is 1/3 the size of other flat bed laser machines. LaserCube uses 70% less power, saving you money on facility and utility costs. This machine Is a high precision fiber laser with linear motors to maximize precise cutting of small parts.  

The IPG LaserCube is the perfect tool for those who are trying to minimize facility costs. With The IPG LaserCube's Low Cost And High Efficiency, You Can Become More Competitive On A Global Scale.


  • The IPG LaserCube is 1/3 the size of similar laser cutting machines, taking up a much smaller footprint that enables you to minimize facility costs.
  • The IPG LaserCube can be a fully automated system that is easy to use.
  • This machine uses a fiber laser that eliminates the need for maintenance. 
  • The IPG LaserCube uses a CNC style system for simplifying the way you program for parts and patterns.
  • This system has expanded cutting capabilities allowing you to cut: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, and alloys

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