Dual Draw

Do you have problems like dust, fumes, and other particles in the air caused by welding, grinding, polishing, etc?  DualDraw has an efficient and economical solution in the form of downdraft tables and booths. DualDraw features products that have a perforated backdrop and work surface that draw in unwanted breathing hazards.  Their patented airflow design protects workers and keeps them safe while doing their job.  Contact us here at GIS, Inc. today for more information or questions you may have!

Application Videos


  • Wet and Dry Filtration Available
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Aluminum Dust
  • Self-Contained
  • Magnehelic Pressure Gauge
  • US Patented Product Airflow Design

Technical Downloads

Downdraft Tables with Vented Back Wall
Stand-Alone-Filter Systems (SAF)
Wet Downdraft Tables
Flat Top Downdraft Tables