For many they are simply tools; for us, grinding tools are a passion. Our family-run business has developed and produced professional tools of the highest quality for over 60 years. It is with this dedication that we continue to pursue our goal of making exceptional products and services even better. Our focus is on providing you satisfaction after solving the challenges you put on us.

No matter how different the applications and materials are, our tools offer maximum benefit and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Rhodius specialists are constantly analyzing applications, materials and markets. Our engineers optimize and develop perfectly fitting products on this basis – without losing sight of the individual needs of our customers.Enter your text here...

Vision Disks

  • Transparency While Rotating Allows Free View of Workpiece
  • Alternating Cloths and Discs Enables Decorative Surface Finishing
  • BRAINTOOLS® Maximum Efficiency

Cutting Disks

  • Extra-Thin, Freehand, and Stationary Cutting Discs
  • Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, and Stone Application
  • HydroProtect Offers Longer Storage Times, Optimized Performance, and Improved Safety


  • Moister Resistant Grinding Disks
  • Better Storage Properties
  • Improved Cutting Performance
  • Longer-Lasting High Performance
  • Noticeable Added Value

Burr Tools

  • Milling
  • Single, Double, Aluminum Cut
  • Mini, Regular, Long Series, and Flexible Shank Burs
  • Cobalt and High-Speed Steel Cutters Available for Longer Life and Better Performance