Micrometer precision: 70 times more accurate than a hair is thick!

With a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com® remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical switch in the world. The standard My-Com® range of the most diverse mechanical and electric types largely reflects the requirements of the market. With its extremely compact design, the My-Com® can also be easily integrated in very constrained surroundings.

Inductive Switches

  • Baumer is development pioneer and one of the leading manufacturers of inductive sensors
  • For cramped spaces as well as robust sensors for outdoors and hygienic applications
  • Stainless steel housings with high protection classes and their sealing concept proTect+Large sensing distance and quality
  • Durable in any environment including heat, pressure, dust, etc.

Capacitive Switches

  • Contactless detection with sensing distances up to 30 mm
  • Reliable detection on conductive/non-conductive materials and optically reflecting surfaces
  • Durable-closed sensor front and high wear resistance increases service life

Proximity Switches

  • Contactless detection principle
  • Large sensing distances of up to 60 mm
  • Complete metal enclosure of sensor and/or magnet possible to protect them, even with stainless steel
  • Reliable detection without interference by dirt accumulation or moisture

My-Com Precision Switches

  • Most accurate and compact mechanical switch in the world
  • Compact design for constrained surroundings
  • Service life of 10 million switching operations
  • Remain ultimate precision even under harsh conditions

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