BEAUMONT MACHINES 6 Axis CNC Fast Hole EDM Drills are supplied worldwide to industry leaders in Aerospace, Land Based Power Generation, Semiconductor.

Beaumont Fast Hole machine is designed for the Aerospace industry. It's 6 axis of motion and power supply functions are key to its endless capability. It uses the Fanuc 31i controller and for tool changing the 6 axis Fanuc robot. There are many EDM functions features have been based off our customers needs. EDM milling, break through technology, depth tracking, blind hole, Micro pulse technology to name a few.

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  • Heavy machine increases stability and prevents machine flex
  • 45mm linear guide ways increase straightness, flatness, smoothness, and prevents stick slip
  • Absolute encoders allow machine to work independently and keep track of location at all times
  • High axis speeds allow movement capabilities up to 400 inches per minute

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